Thursday, 25 October 2012

October 25, 2012 Cloth Diaper Update

Just In!

Swaddlebees Simplex All-in-One One-Size Cloth Diaper
Blueberry Deluxe Pocket Cloth Diaper

Woollybottoms Cloth Diaper Cover
Woollybottoms Hybrid Wool Soaker

Kawaii Cloth Diaper Canada
Kawaii Mom Label Bamboo Minky Cloth Diaper
  • Muggabug Bibs in Regular and Drooler size, made locally in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.  Super cute designer prints.  

Coming Soon!

  • Lagoon Baby is proud to introduce Peachy Green Solo Luxe All-in-One Diapers to Canada, available November 1st. 
  • Re-stocking AppleCheeks Envelope Covers and Swim Diapers, Starter Packs
  • Re-stocking Sweet Pea One-Size Diaper Covers, Terry Velour Wipes and introducing Newborn Covers and the newest prints - Argyle and Polka Dot
  • Glow Bug Diaper Packages (newest prints) and Limited Edition Diapers
  • Re-stocking Rumaprooz Lil Joeys and Kanga Care Washable Liners
  • Our newest Green Line Diaper Covers in Lagoon Baby Exclusive prints! 
  • Bottombumpers All-in-One Side Snapping Cloth Diapers in Red, Pink and Aqua Dots.
  • Introducing Mother Ease to Lagoon Baby

Saturday, 20 October 2012

October 21, 2012 Cloth Diaper Update

Just In! 

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm and Nipple Butter

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Re-Stocking Soon!

Introducing Soon!

  • Peachy Green Solo Luxe AIO Diapers - we are proud to be the first retailers in Canada of these amazingly trim and absorbent diapers! 
  • Swaddlebees/Blueberry newest prints (Monster and Elephant)
  • Sweet Pea Diapers newest prints (Polka Dot and Argyle) and Sweet Pea Newborn Diaper Covers
  • AppleCheeks Wipes, Starter Kits, All-Purpose Storage Sacs
  • 4 New Green Line Diaper Cover prints exclusive to Lagoon Baby 
  • Healing Hazel Hazelwood Baby and Toddler Necklaces
  • Muggabug Bibs - locally made in Maple Ridge, BC Canada

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

October 17, 2012 Cloth Diaper Update

Just Arrived!

Amp Duo One-Size Cloth Diapers in a 22 different colours!  As well as prints, Spot, Wee Trunks, Vintage Bloom and Serendipity.

Swaddlebees Simplex AIO One-Size Cloth Diapers and Swaddlebees Capri Diaper Covers and Inserts

Blueberry Bamboo and Unbleached Cotton Flats, Blueberry Bamboo Fitted Diapers and Blueberry Deluxe Pocket Diapers

Rumaprooz G2 Pocket Diapers IN SNAPS and their hottest new collection - Peacock, Phantom and Preppy!

Rumaprooz G2 New Prints Cloth Diaper Canada

En Route!

Swaddlebees Blueberry Cloth Diaper Monster Print Lagoon Baby CanadaSwaddlebees Blueberry Cloth Diaper Elephant Print Lagoon Baby Canada
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm and Nipple Butter 
  • Swaddlebees Simplex AIO One-Size Cloth Diapers and Blueberry Deluxe Pocket Diapers in the newest prints - Monsters and Elephants!  
  • Woollybottoms Hybrid Wool Soakers and Love Spell Lanolin (mmmm.....)
  • Sweet Pea Diaper Covers brand new prints - Argyle and Polkadot and their newest product - Newborn Covers
  • Re-stocking Funky Fluff accessories - the super popular double pocket wet bag and pail liners, also extra inserts and boosters
  • Re-stocking Kawaii Cloth Diapers.  Heavy Duty One Size Pocket Diapers, Bamboo Minky, Snazzy Minky, and introducing Fun Prints

Coming November 2012!

  • We are proud to introduce Peachy Green Solo Luxe Diapers to Canada! - Made in USA
  • GlowBug New Limited Edition Diaper and the New Print Packages! 
  • Our 4 newest Green Line Diaper Cover Prints (exclusive to Lagoon Baby) - Made in Canada
  • Muggabug bibs - super cute prints and made in locally in BC Canada
  • Re-stocking Rumparooz/Kanga Care Lil Joeys Newborn/Preemie AIO Cloth Diapers