Wednesday, 30 October 2013

October 30, 2013 Cloth Diaper Stocking Update

What's New!

Charlie Rumparooz

AppleCheeks Lake Echo and Steel Me

Bummis Simply Lite Cover

Ordered and Awaiting Arrival!

  • AMP OS Duos in new colours and prints, AMP Hemp Doublers
  • Planetwise re-stocking and awaiting new prints
  • Best Bottom re-stocking and awaiting new prints
  • BumGenius re-stocking and new prints scheduled to ship mid-December
  • Charlie Banana OS Diapers and Value Packs re-stocking
  • Blueberry re-stocking and new prints arriving in Nov/Dec
  • AppleCheeks re-stocking everything!
  • Laundry Tarts re-stocking and November Scent of the Month - Butter Tart
  • INTRODUCING Sloomb|Sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fleece Overnight Fitteds, Knit Covers, OS Snapless Fitted Diapers, Cube of the Month
  • INTRODUCING SoftBums Echo and Omni Shells
  • INTRODUCING Econobum Packages
  • INTRODUCING Imagine Baby Products Bamboo Swaddle Blankets and Flat Diaper

Ordering Soon!

  • Bamboobino
  • GroVia new prints available mid-late November
  • Mother-ease
  • Re-stocking and introducing new Tula Baby Carrier Prints
  • Re-stocking Rumparooz Charlie and Dexter prints in Snap
  • Sweet Pea new prints and re-stocking prefolds
  • Baby Bear Crafts Wool Dryer Balls

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October 1, 2013 - Cloth Diaper Stocking Updates

What's New! 


Ordered and En Route!

tula baby carrier canada

  • Introducing Tula Baby Carriers! 
  • CJ's Tubs and Spritz's re-stocking
  • Woollybottoms Soakers, Slippers, and Lanolin
  • Thirsties 
  • Laundry Tarts new Pumpkin Pie Limited Edition scent!
  • AppleCheeks re-stocking

Ordering Soon!

  • Blueberry 
  • Rumparooz
  • Mother-ease
  • Bamboobino
  • Planet Wise
  • Best Bottom